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Thomas, David S. G. - The Dictionary of Physical Geography, e-bok

The Dictionary of Physical Geography

Thomas, David S. G.


This fully-revised comprehensive fourth edition covers the whole field of physical geography including climate and atmosphere, geomorphology, biogeography, hydrology, oceans, Quaternary, environmental change, soils, remote sensing and GIS. This new edition

Mezősi, Gábor - The Physical Geography of Hungary, e-bok

The Physical Geography of Hungary

Mezősi, Gábor


General Characteristics of the Physical Geography of Hungary
1. Relief Evolution
Gábor Mezősi
2. Climate of Hungary
Gábor Mezősi
3. Hydrography of Hungary
Gábor Mezősi
4. Soils of Hungary

Craghan, Michael - Physical Geography: A Self-Teaching Guide, e-bok

Physical Geography: A Self-Teaching Guide

Craghan, Michael


Learn physical geography at your own pace
What is atmospheric pressure? How does latitude indicate the type of climate a specific place will have? Where are volcanic eruptions or strong earthquakes most likely to occur? With Physical

Gupta, Avijit - The Physical Geography of Southeast Asia, e-bok

The Physical Geography of Southeast Asia

Gupta, Avijit


This will be the first comprehensive and detailed volume on the physical environment of Southeast Asia and will be essential reading for geographers, ecologists, and environmental managers. As the definitive reference work on the region it will cover all aspects of the biophysical environment

Orme, Antony R. - The Physical Geography of South America, e-bok

The Physical Geography of South America

Orme, Antony R.


This book, The Physical Geography of South America, is a contribution to the Oxford Regional Environments series being published by Oxford University Press. It presents a detailed and current statement of knowledge written by specialists in the many

Dougherty, Percy H. - The Geography of Wine, e-bok

The Geography of Wine

Dougherty, Percy H.


Table of contents
1. Introduction to the Geographical Study of Viticulture and Wine Production
Percy H. Dougherty
2. Terroir: At the Heart of Geography
Tim Unwin
3. Geography and the American Viticultural Areas Process, Including a Case Study of Lodi, California
Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk

Ratter, Beate M.W. - Geography of Small Islands, e-bok

Geography of Small Islands

Ratter, Beate M.W.


Introduction to the Geography of Small Islands
Beate M. W. Ratter
2. Genesis of Islands
Beate M. W. Ratter
3. Cultural History of Islands
Beate M. W. Ratter
4. Geopolitics of Small Islands
Beate M. W. Ratter
5. Socio-spatial and Globalised

Heatwole, Charles - Geography For Dummies?, e-bok

Geography For Dummies?

Heatwole, Charles


Geography is more than just trivia, it can help you understand why we import or export certain products, predict climate change, and even show you where to place fire and police stations when planning a city.
If you’re curious about the world and want to know more about this fascinating