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Hotta, Shu - Mathematical Physical Chemistry, e-bok

Mathematical Physical Chemistry

Hotta, Shu


Table of contents
Part I. Quantum Mechanics
1. Schrödinger Equation and Its Application
Shu Hotta
2. Quantum-Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator
Shu Hotta
3. Hydrogen-like Atoms
Shu Hotta
4. Optical Transition and Selection Rules
Shu Hotta
Part II. Electromagnetism
5. Maxwell’s Equations

Rogers, Donald W. - Concise Physical Chemistry, e-bok

Concise Physical Chemistry

Rogers, Donald W.


This book is a physical chemistry textbook that presents the essentials of physical chemistry as a logical sequence from its most modest beginning to contemporary research topics.

Hammes, Gordon G. - Physical Chemistry for the Biological Sciences, e-bok

Physical Chemistry for the Biological Sciences

Hammes, Gordon G.


This book provides an introduction to physical chemistry that is directed toward applications to the biological sciences. Advanced mathematics is not required. This book can be used for either a one semester or two semester course, and as a reference

Schmidt, Peter C. - Methods in Physical Chemistry, 2 Volume Set, e-bok

Methods in Physical Chemistry, 2 Volume Set

Schmidt, Peter C.

Från 228,80€

Thanks to the progress made in instruments and techniques, the methods in physical chemistry have developed rapidly over the past
few decades, making them increasingly valuable for scientists of many disciplines.

These two must-have volumes

Taft, Robert W. - Progress in Physical Organic Chemistry, e-bok

Progress in Physical Organic Chemistry

Taft, Robert W.


One Century of Physical Organic Chemistry: The Menshutkin Reaction (J.-L.
Abboud, et al.).
Angular Dependence of Dipolar Substituent Effects (K. Bowden & E. Grubbs).
Electronic Configuration, Structure, and Solvation of Phenyl-Substituted Group 4 Anions (U. Edlund & E.