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Murphy, Mark C. - Philosophy of Law: The Fundamentals, e-bok

Philosophy of Law: The Fundamentals

Murphy, Mark C.


The Philosophy of Law is a broad-reaching text that guides readers through the basic analytical and normative issues in the field, highlighting key historical and contemporary thinkers and offering a unified treatment of the various issues in the philosophy

Law, Ian - Red Racisms, e-bok

Red Racisms

Law, Ian


Table of contents
1. Racialising Russia
Ian Law
2. Racial Proletarianisation and After: Anti-Roma Racism in Central and Eastern Europe
Ian Law
3. Cuba: The Raceless Nation
Ian Law
4. Racial Sinicisation: Han Power and Racial and Ethnic Domination in China
Ian Law
5. Red Racisms and After: The

Mar, Maksymilian Del - New Waves in Philosophy of Law, e-bok

New Waves in Philosophy of Law

Mar, Maksymilian Del


Rediscovering Fuller and Llewellyn: Law as Custom and Process
Sundram Soosay
3. Analytical Jurisprudence and Contingency
Michael Giudice
4. Jurisprudence and Psychology
Dan Priel
Part II. Reasoning and Evaluating
5. Pre-Reflective Law

Torre, Massimo La - Law as Institution, e-bok

Law as Institution

Torre, Massimo La


Table of contents
1. Two Opposing Conceptions
Massimo Torre
2. The Normativist View
Massimo Torre
3. Meaning and Norm
Massimo Torre
4. Law as Institution
Massimo Torre
5. Law and Power
Massimo Torre
6. Meaning and Value Judgements
Massimo Torre
7. Value Judgements and Justification

Flores, Imer B. - Law, Liberty, and the Rule of Law, e-bok

Law, Liberty, and the Rule of Law

Flores, Imer B.


Law, Liberty and the Rule of Law (in a Constitutional Democracy)
Imer B. Flores
7. The Rule of Law: Is the Line Between the Formal and the Moral Blurred?
Gülriz Uygur
8. Political Deliberation and Constitutional

Ávila, Humberto - Certainty in Law, e-bok

Certainty in Law

Ávila, Humberto


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Humberto Ávila
Part I. Meaning of Legal Certainty
2. Non-legal Certainty
Humberto Ávila
3. Legal Certainty
Humberto Ávila
Part II. Justification of Legal Certainty
4. Foundations in the Constitutional Superstructure: As a Totality
Humberto Ávila

Bongiovanni, Giorgio - Reasonableness and Law, e-bok

Reasonableness and Law

Bongiovanni, Giorgio


Philip Pettit’s Law, Liberty and Reason: Republican Freedom and Criminal Justice
Luca Baccelli
9. Proportionality, Judicial Review, and Global Constitutionalism
Alec Stone Sweet, Jud Mathews
10. Constitutional Adjudication and the Principle of Reasonableness