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Fløistad, Guttorm - Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, e-bok

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

Fløistad, Guttorm


L'esthétique des arts négro-africains: Pluralité et historicité des imaginaires et pratiques
Jean-Godefroy Bidima
6. Fondements théologiques et esthétiques de l'architecture islamique. Une réflexion philosophique sur l'espace et le lieu en Islam

Meskin, Aaron - The Art of Comics: A Philosophical Approach, e-bok

The Art of Comics: A Philosophical Approach

Meskin, Aaron


The Art of Comics is the first-ever collection of essays published in English devoted to the philosophical topics raised by comics and graphic novels. In an area of growing philosophical interest, this volume constitutes a great leap forward in the development of this fast expanding field,

Davies, David - Philosophy of the Performing Arts, e-bok

Philosophy of the Performing Arts

Davies, David


Presents the significant philosophical issues concerning the performing arts in an accessible style, assuming no prior knowledge
Provides a critical overview and a comprehensive framework for thinking about the performing arts
Examines the assumption that classical

Tavinor, Grant - The Art of Videogames, e-bok

The Art of Videogames

Tavinor, Grant


The Art of Videogames explores how philosophy of the arts theories developed to address traditional art works can also be applied to videogames. Presents a unique philosophical