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Underiner, Tamara - Theatre, Performance and Change, e-bok

Theatre, Performance and Change

Underiner, Tamara


Street Performers Working for Change
David Calder
5. The Third Space: Inter-Cultural Youth Performance as a Catalyst for Change
Young Ai Choi
6. Uncommon Partnerships
Jan Cohen-Cruz
7. Reflections on School Change Through the Arts

Dubost, Thierry - Perspectives on Contemporary Irish Theatre, e-bok

Perspectives on Contemporary Irish Theatre

Dubost, Thierry


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anne Etienne, Thierry Dubost
Part I. Dramaturgical Approaches
2. Innovation Meets Evocation: Tom Mac Intyre’s Plays at the Peacock Theatre
Marie Kelly
3. From Dementia to Utopia: Tragedy and Transcendence in Frank McGuinness’s The Hanging Gardens

York, Lorraine - Reluctant Celebrity, e-bok

Reluctant Celebrity

York, Lorraine


Table of contents
1. Treasonous Drift: Celebrity Reluctance as Privilege
Lorraine York
2. Inviting the Shadow to the Party: John Cusack and the Politics of Reluctance
Lorraine York
3. Robert De Niro’s (In)articulate Reluctance

Edward, Mark - Mesearch and the Performing Body, e-bok

Mesearch and the Performing Body

Edward, Mark


Table of contents
1. From Stage to Page: Introducing Me
Mark Edward
2. Declining Dancers
Mark Edward
3. Mature Movers
Mark Edward
4. Me/thodologies
Mark Edward
5. Falling Apart at the Seams
Mark Edward
6. Council…

Bogar, Thomas A. - Thomas Hamblin and the Bowery Theatre, e-bok

Thomas Hamblin and the Bowery Theatre

Bogar, Thomas A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Thomas A. Bogar
2. “He Is Yet Very Young, Both in Years and Practice”
Thomas A. Bogar
3. “Let Those Who View This Sad Example Know/What Fate Attends the Broken Marriage Vow”
Thomas A. Bogar

Olive, Rebecca - Women in Action Sport Cultures, e-bok

Women in Action Sport Cultures

Olive, Rebecca


The ‘Girl Effect’ in Action Sports for Development: The Case of the Female Practitioners of Skateistan
Holly Thorpe, Megan Chawansky
Part III. Female Action Sport Identities and Lived Experiences
8. Negotiating Moral Terrain: Snowboarding Mothers