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Hess, Allen K. - The Handbook of Forensic Psychology, e-bok

The Handbook of Forensic Psychology

Hess, Allen K.


This is a fully-revised and updated version of the top academic work in forensic psychology. Focussed mainly on the practical aspects of forensics, this volume provides all readers need to know to be effective practioners. Detailed sections cover both

Needs, Adrian - Applying Psychology to Forensic Practice, e-bok

Applying Psychology to Forensic Practice

Needs, Adrian


This book illustrates the wide variety of applications of psychology to the criminal and civil justice system.
Illustrates the wide variety of applications of psychology to the criminal and civil justice system. Gives examples of how forensic

Goldstein, Arnold P. - The Psychology of Group Aggression, e-bok

The Psychology of Group Aggression

Goldstein, Arnold P.


The Psychology of Group Aggression's comprehensive journey starts with group dynamics theory and research by reviewing its relationship to aggression.
Arnold P. Goldstein then provides a unique and valuable insight into the different types and levels of intensity

Towl, Graham - Psychology in Prisons, e-bok

Psychology in Prisons

Towl, Graham


Edited by the Head of Psychology for Her Majesty's Prison Service and the National Probation Service, this book gives an account of the work of psychologists in Her Majesty's prisons.
Edited by the Head of Psychology for Her Majesty's Prison and Probation

Crighton, David - Psychology in Probation Services, e-bok

Psychology in Probation Services

Crighton, David


The editors are Deputy Head and Head of Psychology for Prisons and Probation Services, and therefore well placed to compile this book. Complements Graham Towl’s book Psychology in Prisons (BPS Blackwell, 2003).

Wrightsman, Lawrence S. - The Psychology of the Supreme Court, e-bok

The Psychology of the Supreme Court

Wrightsman, Lawrence S.


1. The Supreme Court: The Least Understood Branch 2. The Selective Nature of Supreme Court Justices 3. Steps in the Decision-Making Process 4. Day to Day in the Life of the Court 5. A Psychological Analysis of Decision Formation 6. The Rational-Choice…

Carson, David - Applying Psychology to Criminal Justice, e-bok

Applying Psychology to Criminal Justice

Carson, David


Few things should go together better than psychology and law - and few things are getting together less successfully. Edited by four psychologists and a lawyer, and drawing on contributions from Europe, the USA and Australia, Applying Psychology to Criminal

Bull, Ray - Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contexts, e-bok

Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contexts

Bull, Ray


The second edition of this popular international handbook highlights the developing relationship between psychology and the law. Consisting of all-new material and drawing on the work of practitioners and academics from the UK, Europe, North America and elsewhere, this volume looks not only