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Caputi, Peter - Personal Construct Psychology: New Ideas, e-bok

Personal Construct Psychology: New Ideas

Caputi, Peter


This book presents the latest thinking and research in Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) covering a broad range of areas of interest to both researcher and practitioner. It provides reports of empirical research, reflections by practicing personal construct psychologists and conceptual

Friedman, Howard S. - Foundations of Health Psychology, e-bok

Foundations of Health Psychology

Friedman, Howard S.


The History and Background of Health Psychology, Howard S. Friedman and Nancy E. Adler 2. Measurement in Health Psychology Research, Timothy W. Smith 3. Designing and Implementing Interventions to Promote Health and Prevent Illness,

Lebow, Jay L. - Family Psychology : The Art of the Science, e-bok

Family Psychology : The Art of the Science

Lebow, Jay L.


Introduction: A scientific paradigm for family psychology, William M. Pinsof and Jay Lebow Section I. Marriage and Marital Intervention 2. A critical view of marital satisfaction, Robert L. Weiss 3. A science of couple therapy: For what should we seek empirical