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Kivy, Peter - Blackwell Guide to Aesthetics, e-bok

Blackwell Guide to Aesthetics

Kivy, Peter


The Blackwell Guide to Aesthetics is the most authoritative survey of the central issues in contemporary aesthetics available. The volume features eighteen newly commissioned papers on the evaluation of art, the interpretation of art, and many other

Hamilton, James R. - The Art of Theater, e-bok

The Art of Theater

Hamilton, James R.


Identifies the elements that make a performance a work of art Looks at the competing views of the text-performance relationships An important and original contribution to the aesthetics and philosophy of theater

Young, James O. - Cultural Appropriation and the Arts, e-bok

Cultural Appropriation and the Arts

Young, James O.


Cultural appropriation is a pervasive feature of the contemporary world (the Parthenon Marbles remain in London; white musicians from Bix Beiderbeck to Eric Clapton have appropriated musical styles from African-American culture) Young offers the first systematic philosophical investigation of the moral

Davies, Dave - Art as Performance, e-bok

Art as Performance

Davies, Dave


Highlights core topics in aesthetics and art theory, including traditional theories about the nature of art, aesthetic appreciation, artistic intentions, performance, and artistic meaning.