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Assad, Arjang A. - Profiles in Operations Research, e-bok

Profiles in Operations Research

Assad, Arjang A.


Table of contents
1. Patrick Blackett
Maurice W. Kirby, Jonathan Rosenhead
2. Steven Vajda
Jakob Krarup
3. Philip McCord Morse
Robert M. Oliver
4. John von Neumann
Saul I. Gass
5. Charles Frederick Goodeve

Fleuren, Hein - Operations Research Proceedings 2004, e-bok

Operations Research Proceedings 2004

Fleuren, Hein


A Decision Support Framework for the Airline Crew Schedule Disruption Management with Strategy Mapping
Yufeng Guo
21. Tail Assignment in Practice
Mattias Grönkvist, Jens Kjerrström
22. Ein praxistauglicher Ansatz zur Lösung eines spezifischen D-VRSP-TW-UC

Helber, Stefan - Operations Research Proceedings 2012, e-bok

Operations Research Proceedings 2012

Helber, Stefan


Integrating Routing Decisions in Network Problems
Marie Schmidt
5. Supply Chain Coordination in Case of Asymmetric Information: Information Sharing and Contracting in a Just-in-Time Environment
Guido Voigt
Part II. Applied Probability and Stochastic

Koster, Arie - Operations Research Proceedings 2014, e-bok

Operations Research Proceedings 2014

Koster, Arie


An Optimization Model and a Decision Support System to Optimize Car Sharing Stations with Electric Vehicles
Kathrin S. Kühne, Tim A. Rickenberg, Michael H. Breitner
45. Optimising Energy Procurement for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Nadine Kumbartzky,

Doerner, Kar - Operations Research Proceedings 2015, e-bok

Operations Research Proceedings 2015

Doerner, Kar


Optimal Transportation Mode Decision for Deterministic Transportation Times, Stochastic Container Arrivals and an Intermodal Option
Klaus Altendorfer, Stefan Minner
28. Optimization Models for Decision Support at Motorail