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 - Java für Android-Entwickler für Dummies, e-bok

Java für Android-Entwickler für Dummies


Sie würden gerne Ihre eigenen Android-Apps entwickeln, Ihnen fehlen jedoch die nötigen Java-Kenntnisse? Kein Problem! Barry Burd führt Sie in die Grundlagen der Java-Programmierung ein und zeigt Ihnen genau das, was Sie zum Entwickeln

Burd, Barry A. - Java For Dummies, e-bok

Java For Dummies

Burd, Barry A.


A new edition of the bestselling guide to Java
If you want to learn to speak the world’s most popular programming language like a native, Java For Dummies is your ideal companion. With a focus on reusing existing code, it quickly and easily shows you how to create basic Java

Horton, Ivor - Ivor Horton's Beginning Java, e-bok

Ivor Horton's Beginning Java

Horton, Ivor


Find out why thousands have turned to Ivor Horton for learning Java
Ivor Horton's approach is teaching Java is so effective and popular that he is one of the leading authors of introductory programming tutorials, with over 160,000 copies of his Java

Williams, Nicholas S. - Professional Java for Web Applications, e-bok

Professional Java for Web Applications

Williams, Nicholas S.


The comprehensive Wrox guide for creating Java web applications for the enterprise
This guide shows Java software developers and software engineers how to build complex web applications in an enterprise environment. You'll begin with an introduction

Emmerich, Wolfgang - Engineering Distributed Objects, e-bok

Engineering Distributed Objects

Emmerich, Wolfgang


Wolfgang Emmerich Engineering Distributed Objects The pay-offs for creating distributed applications are in achieving portability, scalability and fault-tolerance. In order to simplify building software that performs robustly regardless of platform or network infrastructure, a new strata