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Gautschi, Walter - Approximation and Computation, e-bok

Approximation and Computation

Gautschi, Walter


Approximation of the Hilbert Transform on the Real Line Using Freud Weights
Incoronata Notarangelo
16. The Remainder Term of Gauss–Turán Quadratures for Analytic Functions
Miodrag M. Spalević, Miroslav S. Pranić
17. Towards a General Error Theory

Ma, Ming - Communication Systems and Information Technology, e-bok

Communication Systems and Information Technology

Ma, Ming


On-Line Monitoring System of Methane Reaction Generator
Ma Baoji
19. Security Flaws in Two RFID Lightweight Authentication Protocols
Wang Shaohui
20. Study on Mechanical Parameters in Finite Element Analysis of Children’s Orbital-Bone