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Wu, Yican - Fusion Neutronics, e-bok

Fusion Neutronics

Wu, Yican


Fusion Neutronics Design Principles
8. Neutronics Design of Fusion Experimental Reactors
Yican Wu
9. Neutronics Design Principles of DEMO Reactors and Fusion Power Reactors
Yican Wu
10. Neutronics Design Principles

Büscher, Markus - Nuclear Fusion with Polarized Fuel, e-bok

Nuclear Fusion with Polarized Fuel

Büscher, Markus


Polarized Fusion: An Idea More Than Thirty Years Old! What Are We Waiting For?
Giuseppe Ciullo
2. Spin Physics and Polarized Fusion: Where We Stand
H. Paetz gen. Schieck
3. The PolFusion Experiment: Measurement of the dd-Fusion Spin-Dependence

Kikuchi, Mitsuru - Frontiers in Fusion Research, e-bok

Frontiers in Fusion Research

Kikuchi, Mitsuru


Hydrogen Fusion: Light Nuclei and Theory of Fusion Reactions
Mitsuru Kikuchi
3. Confinement Bottle: Topology of Closed Magnetic Field and Force Equilibrium
Mitsuru Kikuchi
4. Charged Particle Motion: Lagrange–Hamilton Orbit Dynamics
Mitsuru Kikuchi

Lanin, Anatoly - Nuclear Rocket Engine Reactor, e-bok

Nuclear Rocket Engine Reactor

Lanin, Anatoly


History Creation of a Nuclear Rocket Engine Reactor
Anatoly Lanin
2. Design of a NRER
Anatoly Lanin
3. Methods of Modeling Tests
Anatoly Lanin
4. Materials of the Reactor Core
Anatoly Lanin
5. Radiation Resistance of the HRA Elements

Clark, Robert E.H. - Nuclear Fusion Research, e-bok

Nuclear Fusion Research

Clark, Robert E.H.


Modeling of Fusion Edge Plasmas: Atomic and Molecular Data Issues
D. Reiter
3. Energy Deposition from ELMs in Fusion Devices
A. Loarte
Part II. Plasma Diagnostics
4. Molecular Diagnostics of Cold Edge Plasmas
U. Fantz
5. Divertor Spectroscopy

Jiang, Hong - Proceedings of The 20th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference, e-bok

Proceedings of The 20th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference

Jiang, Hong


Analysis of Key Factors for Nuclear Power Plant Emergency
Gao Jianwei, Xue Na, Liu Xinjian, Huang Shuming
15. Analysis of the Effect of the Primary Shield Structures on Dose Rates in the Operating Floor
Yaxiao Wang, Aijun Mi, Yawei Mao, Xiaoxia Wang, Defeng