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Amthor, Frank - Neuroscience For Dummies, e-bok

Neuroscience For Dummies

Amthor, Frank


Get on the fast track to understanding neuroscience
Investigating how your senses work, how you move, and how you think and feel, Neuroscience For Dummies, 2nd Edition is your straight-forward guide to the most complicated structure known in the

Amthor, Frank - Das menschliche Gehirn fr Dummies, e-bok

Das menschliche Gehirn fr Dummies

Amthor, Frank


Haben Sie sich auch schon einmal gefragt, warum die Menschen so sind, wie sie sind? Leicht verständlich und anhand vieler Beispiele erläutert der Psychologe Frank Amthor, wie das Gehirn, das Nervensystem und die fünf Sinne funktionieren.…

Amthor, Frank - Neurobiology For Dummies, e-bok

Neurobiology For Dummies

Amthor, Frank


Neurobiology For Dummies breaks down the specifics of the topic in a fun, easy-to-understand manner. The book is perfect for students in a variety of scientific fields ranging from neuroscience and biology to pharmacology, health

Burton, Kate - Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies, e-bok

Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies

Burton, Kate


Sounds great, right? But where do you begin? Thankfully, that's where this friendly and accessible guide comes in!
Free of intimidating jargon and packed with lots of easy-to-follow guidance which you can put in to use straight away, Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies

Sprenger, Marilee B. - The Leadership Brain For Dummies, e-bok

The Leadership Brain For Dummies

Sprenger, Marilee B.

Från 22,00€

Discover how scientific knowledge of the brain can make you a better leader
Based upon the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and advances in brain-based education, Leadership Brain For Dummies gives you the edge to influence, lead, and transform

McCaw, Steve - Biomechanics For Dummies, e-bok

Biomechanics For Dummies

McCaw, Steve


Biomechanics for Dummies examines the relationship between biological and mechanical worlds. It clarifies a vital topic for students of biomechanics who work in a variety of fields, including biological sciences, exercise and sports science, health sciences, ergonomics

Vos, Ken - Biophysics For Dummies, e-bok

Biophysics For Dummies

Vos, Ken


Biophysics courses are increasingly taken by students of biology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, statistics, bioengineering, neuroscience, computer science, pharmacology, agriculture,and many moreProvides a friendly, unintimidating overview of the material