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Farag, Aly A. - Deformable Models, e-bok

Deformable Models

Farag, Aly A.


Shape And Texture-Based Deformable Models For Facial Image Analysis
Stan Z. Li, Zhen Lei, Ying Zheng, Zeng-Fu Wang
5. Detection Of The Breast Contour In Mammograms By Using Active Contour Models
Ricardo J. Ferrari, Rangaraj M. Rangayyan, J. E. Leo Desautels,

Greefhorst, Danny - Architecture Principles, e-bok

Architecture Principles

Greefhorst, Danny


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Danny Greefhorst, Erik Proper
2. The Role of Enterprise Architecture
Danny Greefhorst, Erik Proper
3. A Conceptual Framework for Principles
Danny Greefhorst, Erik Proper
4. Architecture Principle Specifications
Danny Greefhorst, Erik Proper
5. A Practical Approach

 - Principles and Models of Biological Transport, e-bok

Principles and Models of Biological Transport


Table of contents
2. Equilibrium Thermodynamics
3. Free Diffusion
Morton H. Friedman
4. The Cell
Morton H. Friedman
5. Facilitated Diffusion: Channels and Carriers
Morton H. Friedman
6. Active Transport
Morton H. Friedman
7. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics
Morton H. Friedman
8. Models

Fabozzi, Frank J. - Encyclopedia of Financial Models, Volume II, e-bok

Encyclopedia of Financial Models, Volume II

Fabozzi, Frank J.


With this in mind, the Encyclopedia of Financial Models has been created to help a broad spectrum of individuals—ranging from finance professionals to academics and students—understand financial modeling and make use of the various models

Sargeant, Adrian - Fundraising Principles and Practice, e-bok

Fundraising Principles and Practice

Sargeant, Adrian


The complete guide to fundraising planning, tools, methods, and more
Fundraising Principles and Practice provides a unique resource for students and professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of fundraising in the current nonprofit environment. Based on emerging research drawn

Meyer, Bertrand - Objects, Components, Models and Patterns, e-bok

Objects, Components, Models and Patterns

Meyer, Bertrand


Programming Models for Concurrency and Real-Time
Jan Vitek
3. CIF: A Framework for Managing Integrity in Aspect-Oriented Composition
Andrew Camilleri, Geoffrey Coulson, Lynne Blair
4. A Diagrammatic Formalisation of MOF-Based Modelling Languages