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Kijima, Tsuyoshi - Inorganic and Metallic Nanotubular Materials, e-bok

Inorganic and Metallic Nanotubular Materials

Kijima, Tsuyoshi


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Inorganic and Metallic Nanotubes
Tsuyoshi Kijima
2. Synthesis and Applications of Titanium Oxide Nanotubes
Tohru Sekino
3. Synthesis, Structural Analysis, and Applications of Titanium Oxide Nanotubes
Tsuguo Koyanagi
4. Synthesis and Applications of Titanium Oxide

Cai, Hong - Metallic Biomaterials: New Directions and Technologies, e-bok

Metallic Biomaterials: New Directions and Technologies

Cai, Hong


With its comprehensive coverage of recent progress in metallic biomaterials, this reference focuses on emerging materials and new biofunctions for promising applications.
The text is systematically structured, with the information organized according

Stoica, Mihai - Fe-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses, e-bok

Fe-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses

Stoica, Mihai


Table of contents
1. Theoretical Consideration about Metallic Glasses
Mihai Stoica
2. Methodology and the Model Alloys
Mihai Stoica
3. Experimental Details and Particularities
Mihai Stoica
4. Glass-Forming Ability of [(Fe0.5Co0.5)0.75B0.2Si0.05]96Nb4 Alloy
Mihai Stoica
5. Crystallization Behavior

Saka, Masumi - Metallic Micro and Nano Materials, e-bok

Metallic Micro and Nano Materials

Saka, Masumi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Masumi Saka
2. Basis of Atomic Diffusion
Kazuhiko Sasagawa, Masumi Saka
3. Fabrication of Micro and Nano Metallic Materials
Masumi Saka, Kazuhiko Sasagawa
4. Evaluation of Mechanical Properties
Mikio Muraoka, Hironori Tohmyoh
5. Evaluation of Electrical Properties

Breme, Jürgen - Metallic Biomaterial Interfaces, e-bok

Metallic Biomaterial Interfaces

Breme, Jürgen

Från 125,40€

Clearly divided into three sections on the interface influence of materials and surface modifications, the physical and physicochemical surface characterization, and the biological characterization of the interface and biosystem reactions, this book is the first to concentrate on the highly

Lupascu, Doru C. - Ferroic Functional Materials, e-bok

Ferroic Functional Materials

Lupascu, Doru C.


Table of contents
1. Fundamentals of Magneto-Electro-Mechanical Couplings: Continuum Formulations and Invariant Requirements
Jörg Schröder
2. Ferroelectric and Ferromagnetic Phase Field Modeling
Dorinamaria Carka, Christopher S. Lynch