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Micheloni, Rino - 3D Flash Memories, e-bok

3D Flash Memories

Micheloni, Rino


Advanced Architectures for 3D NAND Flash Memories with Vertical Channel
Luca Crippa, Rino Micheloni
7. 3D VG-Type NAND Flash Memories
Andrea Silvagni
8. RRAM Cross-Point Arrays
Huaqiang Wu, Yan Liao, Bin Gao, Debanjan Jana, He Qian
9. 3D Multi-chip

Ouyang, Jianyong - Emerging Resistive Switching Memories, e-bok

Emerging Resistive Switching Memories

Ouyang, Jianyong


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jianyong Ouyang
2. RRAMs with Organic/Polymer Films Blended with Nanoparticles
Jianyong Ouyang
3. RRAMs with Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Nanocomposites
Jianyong Ouyang
4. RRAMs with Organic Donor…

Zhang, Kevin - Embedded Memories for Nano-Scale VLSIs, e-bok

Embedded Memories for Nano-Scale VLSIs

Zhang, Kevin


Embedded Memory Architecture for Low-Power Application Processor
Hoi Jun Yoo, Donghyun Kim
4. Embedded SRAM Design in Nanometer-Scale Technologies
Hiroyuki Yamauchi
5. Ultra Low Voltage SRAM Design
Naveen Verma, Anantha P. Chandrakasan
6. Embedded

Nowozin, Tobias - Self-Organized Quantum Dots for Memories, e-bok

Self-Organized Quantum Dots for Memories

Nowozin, Tobias


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tobias Nowozin
2. Fundamentals
Tobias Nowozin
3. Charge Carriers in Quantum Dots
Tobias Nowozin
4. Coupling of Quantum Dots to Two-Dimensional Carrier Gases
Tobias Nowozin
5. Measurement…

Aritome, Seiichi - NAND Flash Memory Technologies, e-bok

NAND Flash Memory Technologies

Aritome, Seiichi


Examines the history, basic structure, and processes of NAND flash memory
This book discusses basic and advanced NAND flash memory technologies, including the principle of NAND flash, memory cell technologies, multi-bits cell technologies, scaling