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Couldry, Nick - Ethics of Media, e-bok

Ethics of Media

Couldry, Nick


Arendt on Media Ethics: Revisiting Traditions as the Heart of the Public Sphere
Ronald C. Arnett
5. Anthropological Realism for Global Media Ethics
Clifford G. Christians, Stephen J. A. Ward
Part II. Interfaces

Altmeppen, Klaus-Dieter - Value-Oriented Media Management, e-bok

Value-Oriented Media Management

Altmeppen, Klaus-Dieter


Value-Oriented Media Management: What, Why, and What for? An Introduction to This Volume
Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen, C. Ann Hollifield, Joost Loon
Part I. Theories, Concepts, and Findings in Value-Oriented Media Management
2. Examining Media

Ghezzi, Alessia - The Ethics of Memory in a Digital Age, e-bok

The Ethics of Memory in a Digital Age

Ghezzi, Alessia


The Ethics of Forgetting and Remembering in the Digital World through the Eye of the Media
Ângela Guimarães Pereira, Lucia Vesnić-Alujević, Alessia Ghezzi
3. The Right to be Forgotten and the New Archival Paradigm
Ivan Szekely
4. The Right to be