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Waisbord, Silvio - Communication: A Post-Discipline, e-bok

Communication: A Post-Discipline

Waisbord, Silvio


Communication studies is a fragmented field. As a result of its roots in various disciplinary traditions, it is built on fluid intellectual boundaries with no theoretical or analytical center. Should we worry about this state of dispersion or be concerned that the discipline does not meet

Iosifidis, Petros - Global Media and Communication Policy, e-bok

Global Media and Communication Policy

Iosifidis, Petros


Global Communication Theories and the Nation-State
5. Global Communication Paradigms
Petros Iosifidis
6. Globalization and the Nation-State
Petros Iosifidis
Part III. Supranational Bodies
7. Supranational Bodies, Non-State Actors and Global Media

Negrine, Ralph M. - European Media, e-bok

European Media

Negrine, Ralph M.


European Media provides a clear, concise account of the structures, dynamics and realities of the changing face of media in Europe. It offers a timely and illuminating appraisal of the issues surrounding the development of new media

Mansell, Robin - The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy, e-bok

The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy

Mansell, Robin


The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy offers insights into the boundaries of this field of study, assesses why it is important, who is affected, and with what political, economic, social and cultural consequences. Provides the most up to date and comprehensive collection