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Mogavero, Fabio - Logics in Computer Science, e-bok

Logics in Computer Science

Mogavero, Fabio


Table of contents
Part I. Logics for Computations
1. Graded Computation Tree Logic
Fabio Mogavero
2. Minimal Model Quantifiers
Fabio Mogavero
Part II. Logics for Strategies
3. Reasoning About Strategies
Fabio Mogavero
4. Relentful Strategic Reasoning
Fabio Mogavero

Simon, Axel - Value-Range Analysis of C Programs, e-bok

Value-Range Analysis of C Programs

Simon, Axel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. A Semantics for C
Part I. Abstracting Soundly
3. Abstract State Space
4. Taming Casting and Wrapping
5. Overlapping Memory Accesses and Pointers
6. Abstract Semantics
Part II. Ensuring Efficiency

Silva, Bruno Berstel-Da - Verification of Business Rules Programs, e-bok

Verification of Business Rules Programs

Silva, Bruno Berstel-Da


Table of contents
Part I. Context
1. Introduction
Bruno Berstel-Da Silva
2. Related Work
Bruno Berstel-Da Silva
Part II. Rule Programs
3. Syntax of Rules and Rule Programs
Bruno Berstel-Da Silva
4. States and State Assertions
Bruno Berstel-Da Silva
5. Operational Semantics of Rule Programs

Trypuz, Robert - Krister Segerberg on Logic of Actions, e-bok

Krister Segerberg on Logic of Actions

Trypuz, Robert


On the Reconciliation of Logics of Agency and Logics of Event Types
Jan Broersen
4. Three Traditions in the Logic of Action: Bringing them Together
Andreas Herzig, Tiago de Lima, Emiliano Lorini, Nicolas Troquard
5. Deontic Logics

Akama, Seiki - Towards Paraconsistent Engineering, e-bok

Towards Paraconsistent Engineering

Akama, Seiki


Paraconsistency, Chellas’s Conditional Logics, and Association Rules
Tetsuya Murai, Yasuo Kudo, Seiki Akama
10. A Beautiful Theorem
Francisco Antonio Doria, Carlos A. Cosenza
11. Temporal Logic Modeling of Biological Systems
Jean-Marc Alliot,