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Todd, Janet - Feminist Literary History, e-bok

Feminist Literary History

Todd, Janet


In this timely book Janet Todd offers an analysis and defence of the feminist literary history practised by Elaine Showalter and other contemporary American literary critics. She argues that this approach rightly

London, April - Literary History Writing, 1770–1820, e-bok

Literary History Writing, 1770–1820

London, April


Literary History and Books
4. Bibliomania and Antiquarianism
April London
5. Literary History and Literary Specimens
April London
Section III. Isaac D’Israeli and Literary History
6. Apostasy and Exclusion

Atherton, Carol - Defining Literary Criticism, e-bok

Defining Literary Criticism

Atherton, Carol


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carol Atherton
Part I. Institutions
2. Histories of English: The Critical Background
Carol Atherton
3. English in the Universities
Carol Atherton
Part II. Philosophies and Practitioners
4. Critics and Professors
Carol Atherton
5. Criticism and the Modernists:

Castle, Gregory - The Literary Theory Handbook, e-bok

The Literary Theory Handbook

Castle, Gregory


The Literary Theory Handbook introduces students to the history and scope of literary theory, showing them how to perform literary analysis, and providing a greater understanding of the historical contexts for different

Sutherland, John - Stephen Spender : A Literary Life, e-bok

Stephen Spender : A Literary Life

Sutherland, John


One of the leading poets and cultural icons of the 20th century, Stephen Spender was a prominent writer, literary critic, and social commentator--and close friend of some of the best-know creative talents of his day. Now, in this penetrating biography, John Sutherland paints a vivid portrait