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Boshyk, Yury - Action Learning Worldwide, e-bok

Action Learning Worldwide

Boshyk, Yury


Action Learning Worldwide Experiences of Leadership and Organizational Development For the first time in one volume, the leading proponents and practitioners of action learning define their approach, and describe how action learning

Lonka, Kirsti - Phenomenal Learning from Finland, e-bok

Phenomenal Learning from Finland

Lonka, Kirsti


What will happen next? Phenomenal Learning from Finland presents Finland's path to 21st century competences and the exciting concept of phenomenon-based learning as part of the new curriculum. The way to globalization, digitalization,

Jones, Greg - Learning Games, e-bok

Learning Games

Jones, Greg


Before Learning with Games: What Are They, Where Do They Come From, Should I Use or Design Them, and How Can I Start From an Ethical Mindset?
2. What Is (and Is Not) a Learning Game?
Scott J. Warren, Greg Jones
3. Why and How Can Games Influence Learning?

Burton, John - Gamification in Learning and Education, e-bok

Gamification in Learning and Education

Burton, John


Table of contents
1. Beginning of Journey
Sangkyun Kim, Kibong Song, Barbara Lockee, John Burton
2. Engagement and Fun
Sangkyun Kim, Kibong Song, Barbara Lockee, John Burton
3. What Is a Game?
Sangkyun Kim, Kibong Song, Barbara Lockee, John Burton
4. What is Gamification in Learning and Education?

Brookfield, Stephen D. - Radicalizing Learning: Adult Education for a Just World, e-bok

Radicalizing Learning: Adult Education for a Just World

Brookfield, Stephen D.

Från 39,50€

Radicalizing Learning calls for a total rethinking of what the field of adult education stands for and how adult educators should assess their effectiveness. Arguing that major changes in society are needed to create a more just world, the authors set out to show how educators can help learners

Billett, Stephen - Learning Through Practice, e-bok

Learning Through Practice

Billett, Stephen


The Practices of Learning through Occupations
Stephen Billett
5. Objectual Practice and Learning in Professional Work
Monika Nerland, Karen Jensen
6. Learning through and about Practice: A Lifeworld Perspective