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Dicerto, Sara - Multimodal Pragmatics and Translation, e-bok

Multimodal Pragmatics and Translation

Dicerto, Sara


Table of contents
1. A New Model for Source Text Analysis in Translation
Sara Dicerto
2. On the Road to Multimodality: Semiotics
Sara Dicerto
3. Multimodal Meaning in Context: Pragmatics
Sara Dicerto
4. Analysing Multimodal Source Texts for Translation: A Proposal
Sara Dicerto
5. Multimodal

Lorz, Alexander - Translation Issues in Language and Law, e-bok

Translation Issues in Language and Law

Lorz, Alexander


Introduction: Forensic Translation — Practical Issues and their Theoretical Underpinnings
Dieter Stein
Part I. Language and Different Law Cultures
2. Legal Cultures — Legal Languages
Uwe Kischel
3. Language

Babych, Bogdan - Hybrid Approaches to Machine Translation, e-bok

Hybrid Approaches to Machine Translation

Babych, Bogdan


Table of contents
1. Hybrid Machine Translation Overview
Cristina España-Bonet, Marta R. Costa-jussà
Part I. Adding Linguistics into SMT
2. Controlled Ascent: Imbuing Statistical MT with Linguistic Knowledge
William D. Lewis, Chris Quirk, Qin Gao
3. Hybrid Word Alignment
Santanu Pal, Sudip Kumar

Rogers, Margaret - Specialised Translation, e-bok

Specialised Translation

Rogers, Margaret


Specialised Translation: An Orientation
Margaret Rogers
3. Borders and Borderlands
Margaret Rogers
4. Terminology and Specialised Translation: A Historical Perspective
Margaret Rogers
5. Terminology and

Anderman, Gunilla - Audiovisual Translation, e-bok

Audiovisual Translation

Anderman, Gunilla


Teaching Screen Translation: The Role of Pragmatics in Subtitling
Erik Skuggevik
16. Pedagogical Tools for the Training of Subtitlers
Christopher Taylor
17. Teaching Subtitling in a Virtual Environment
Francesca Bartrina
18. Subtitling:

Chung, Yu-Ling - Translation and Fantasy Literature in Taiwan, e-bok

Translation and Fantasy Literature in Taiwan

Chung, Yu-Ling


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yu-Ling Chung
2. The Sociological Turn of Translation Studies
Yu-Ling Chung
3. The Evolution of Fantasy Literature in Taiwan
Yu-Ling Chung
4. A Translation Field in the Taiwanese Book Market
Yu-Ling Chung
5. Fantasy Translators as Social Agents in Taiwan