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Sargolini, Massimo - Urban Landscapes, e-bok

Urban Landscapes

Sargolini, Massimo


Table of contents
1. Bios, Techne, and Logos
Massimo Sargolini
2. Ecology vs Aesthetics
Massimo Sargolini
3. Environmental and Landscape Quality
Massimo Sargolini
4. The City Under Transformation
Massimo Sargolini
5. The Metabolism of Changes
Massimo Sargolini

Riccia, Luigi La - Landscape Planning at the Local Level, e-bok

Landscape Planning at the Local Level

Riccia, Luigi La


The Evolution of Landscape in the Italian Urban Planning Culture
Luigi Riccia
3. Approaches to Landscape: Background and Emerging Trends in the Scientific Debate
Luigi Riccia
4. Landscape in the Planning Systems

Price, Colin - Landscape Economics, e-bok

Landscape Economics

Price, Colin


Opportunity Costing of Land: For Landscape Professionals, or for Land Economists?
Colin Price
4. The Constitution of Value
Colin Price
5. Aesthetic Experts’ Approaches
Colin Price
6. Monetising Expert Valuations: Examples with Amenity Trees

Palermo, Pier Carlo - Spatial Planning and Urban Development:, e-bok

Spatial Planning and Urban Development:

Palermo, Pier Carlo


Table of contents
1. The Topic of Study
Pier Carlo Palermo, Davide Ponzini
2. The Many Faces of Planning
Pier Carlo Palermo, Davide Ponzini
3. A Crossroads with Many Dimensions
Pier Carlo Palermo, Davide Ponzini
4. Emerging Questions
Pier Carlo Palermo, Davide Ponzini
5. The Course of Our Discussion

D'Onofrio, Rosalba - Quality of Life in Urban Landscapes, e-bok

Quality of Life in Urban Landscapes

D'Onofrio, Rosalba


Quality of the Landscape, Quality of Life, Urban Sustainability
1. State of the Art on the Search for Sustainability and Quality of Life in Cities
Roberta Cocci Grifoni, Rosalba D’Onofrio, Massimo Sargolini
2. The Landscape