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Porter, Darwin - Frommer's Scotland, e-bok

Frommer's Scotland

Porter, Darwin


Frommer’s Scotland features gorgeous color photos of the quaint villages, misty moors, and offshore islands that await you. It’s a highly personal guide that’s fun to read and even more fun to use on the road—and it’s much…

Lee, Christine - Kätilön sisar, e-bok

Kätilön sisar

Lee, Christine


Sisar kertoo kuuluisan kätilön koko tarinan Miljoonat ovat ihastuneet Jennifer Worthin Hakekaa kätilö -kirjojen tarinoihin Lontoon East Endissä mutta hyvin vähän tiedetään Jenniferin elämästä muuten. Jenniferin sisaren Christine Leen koskettavat…

Chappell, David - The JCT Intermediate Building Contracts: 2005, e-bok

The JCT Intermediate Building Contracts: 2005

Chappell, David


Chappell: The JCT Intermediate Building Contracts 2005 - Front Jacket Flap
This book provides a practical tool for all those using the suite of JCT Intermediate Building Contracts. It deals with the form under topics, considering the roles of the…

Austen, Jane - Tahto ja toiveet, e-bok

Tahto ja toiveet

Austen, Jane


Jane Austen on kirjailija, jota ei tarvitse esitellä. Tahto ja toiveet on hänen varhaistuotantoaan. Se on hänen tarinoistaan ainoa Englannin dekadentin regencyn ajan ylhäisimpiin seurapiireihin sijoittuva. Lady Susan on kaunotar vailla vertaa,…

Cookman, Lesley - Murder by the Sea, e-bok

Murder by the Sea

Cookman, Lesley


When a body is discovered on a rocky little island in the middle of Nethergate Bay the media swoop on the seaside town. Soon an enquiring hack discovers that local resident Fran Castle, has previously aided the police using her psychic abilities. Brought…

Cookman, Lesley - Murder in Bloom, e-bok

Murder in Bloom

Cookman, Lesley


'Floundering in the footsteps of a deliberately downplayed police enquiry, Libby manages to stir up more mud than the rotavator'. When television personality Lewis Osbourne-Walker buys Creekmarsh Place, near Steeple Martin in Kent, Libby Sarjeant's son…

Cookman, Lesley - Murder in the Green, e-bok

Murder in the Green

Cookman, Lesley


The sixth in the Libby Sarjeant series sees Libby and her friend Fran involved in the strange rituals of the local Morris Men, when one of them is found dead on May Day and another seems to have vanished into thin air. Libby goes out of her comfort zone…

Worth, Jennifer - Hakekaa kätilö! 2: kaupungin varjoissa, e-bok

Hakekaa kätilö! 2: kaupungin varjoissa

Worth, Jennifer


Värikäs, BBC:n menestyssarjanakin tunnettu tarina kätilöiden arjesta 1950-luvun Lontoossa jatkuu. Vauvana pahamaineiseen köyhäintaloon joutunut Jane ponnistaa kurjuudesta parempaan elämään, orvon Peggyn pelastaa synkältä kohtalolta oma veli.…

UNKNOWN - The Ethics of Caring for Older People, e-bok

The Ethics of Caring for Older People



This book is the British Medical Association’s statement on the ethics related to care of the elderly, written and reviewed by a panel of renowned medical ethicists. As such it is an authoritative and considered reference, written in an accessible,…

Aikin, Lucy - Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, e-bok

Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth

Aikin, Lucy


This book gives us an in depth look at the court of Queen Elizabeth I from birth to death. Widely acclaimed to be one of the most accurate accounts, it features letters, quotes and even sonnets from all the leading people of the day. The intrigues…