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Kahane, Guy - Wittgenstein and His Interpreters, e-bok

Wittgenstein and His Interpreters

Kahane, Guy


Comprising specially commissioned essays from some of the most significant contributors to the field, this volume provides a uniquely authoritative and thorough survey of the main lines of Wittgenstein scholarship over the past 50 years, tracing the history…

Krause, Jörg - Pro ASP.NET Extensibility, e-bok

Pro ASP.NET Extensibility

Krause, Jörg


Table of contents
1. Understanding ASP.NET
2. Worker and Threads
3. Modules and Handlers
4. Providers and Configuration
5. Extending the Resource Model
6. Page and Session Management
7. Security and User Management
8. Site Management

Lengstorf, Jason - PHP for Absolute Beginners, e-bok

PHP for Absolute Beginners

Lengstorf, Jason


Table of contents
Part 1. Getting Started
1. Setting Up the PHP Development Environment
Jason Lengstorf
2. Understanding PHP: Language Basics
Jason Lengstorf
3. Passing Information with PHP
Jason Lengstorf
4. Working with…

Pilgrim, Mark - Dive Into Python 3, e-bok

Dive Into Python 3

Pilgrim, Mark


Table of contents
1. Your First Python Program
Mark Pilgrim
2. Native Datatypes
Mark Pilgrim
3. Comprehensions
Mark Pilgrim
4. Strings
Mark Pilgrim
5. Regular Expressions
Mark Pilgrim
6. Closures and Generators

Nash, Trey - Accelerated C# 2010, e-bok

Accelerated C# 2010

Nash, Trey


Table of contents
1. C# Preview
Trey Nash
2. C# and the CLR
Trey Nash
3. C# Syntax Overview
Trey Nash
4. Classes, Structs, and Objects
Trey Nash
5. Interfaces and Contracts
Trey Nash
6. Overloading Operators

Evans, Brian - Beginning Arduino Programming, e-bok

Beginning Arduino Programming

Evans, Brian


Table of contents
1. Getting Started
Brian Evans
2. Sketching in Code
Brian Evans
3. Working with Variables
Brian Evans
4. Making Decisions
Brian Evans
5. Digital Ins and Outs
Brian Evans
6. Analog In, Analog…