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Weverka, Peter - The Internet GigaBookFor Dummies, e-bok

The Internet GigaBookFor Dummies

Weverka, Peter


Get connected, get clicking, and get what you need from the Internet, whether that’s answers from Google, bargains from E-bay, music from iTunes, or merchandise from the thousands of shopping sites. The Internet Gigabook ForDummies has almost 900

Mikitani, Hiroshi - Business-Do: The Way to Successful Leadership, e-bok

Business-Do: The Way to Successful Leadership

Mikitani, Hiroshi


These thought-provoking, action-oriented rules show you everything from how useful your dreams are, to the best way to harness the internet, to what management techniques work to the importance of self-improvement. The result: your own powerful, personal playbook straight

Aspray, William - Food in the Internet Age, e-bok

Food in the Internet Age

Aspray, William


The Dark Side of Online Food Businesses: Harms to Consumers and Main Street Businesses
William Aspray, George Royer, Melissa G. Ocepek
4. Trust Online: From E-Commerce to Recipe Sharing
William Aspray, George Royer, Melissa G. Ocepek

Buchmann, Johannes - Internet Privacy, e-bok

Internet Privacy

Buchmann, Johannes


Un/Faire Informationspraktiken: Internet Privacy aus Sozialwissenschaftlicher Perspektive
Carsten Ochs, Martina Löw
2. It and Privacy from an Ethical Perspective Digital Whoness: Identity, Privacy and Freedom in the Cyberworld171
Rafael Capurro,

Allegrezza, Serge - Internet Econometrics, e-bok

Internet Econometrics

Allegrezza, Serge


Determinants of Usages and Access to the Internet Services in Côte d’Ivoire
Auguste K. Kouakou
6. Difference between Adoption and Access Frequency to Internet and Consumer Surplus
Walid Hadhri, Mohamed Ayadi, Adel