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Gingras, Yves - Science and Religion: An Impossible Dialogue, e-bok

Science and Religion: An Impossible Dialogue

Gingras, Yves


Today we hear renewed calls for a dialogue between science and religion: why has the old question of the relations between science and religion now returned to the public domain and what is at stake in this debate?
To answer these questions, historian

Foltz, Richard - Religions of the Silk Road, e-bok

Religions of the Silk Road

Foltz, Richard


Table of contents
1. The Silk Road and Its Travelers
Richard Foltz
2. Religion and Trade in Ancient Eurasia
Richard Foltz
3. Buddhism and the Silk Road
Richard Foltz
4. A Refuge of Heretics: Nestorians and Manichaeans on the Silk Road
Richard Foltz
5. The Islamization of the Silk Road

Carter, Jesse Benedict - The Religion of Numa, e-bok

The Religion of Numa

Carter, Jesse Benedict


A fascinating look at the religion of the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius, who claimed direct contact with several gods in the Roman pantheon. Also included are 4 other essays on ancient Roman religion.

Goff, Philip - The Blackwell Companion to Religion in America, e-bok

The Blackwell Companion to Religion in America

Goff, Philip


This authoritative and cutting edge companion brings together a team of leading scholars to document the rich diversity and unique viewpoints that have formed the religious history of the United States.
A groundbreaking new volume which represents the first sustained effort to

Hamner, M. Gail - Imaging Religion in Film, e-bok

Imaging Religion in Film

Hamner, M. Gail


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Interpreting Religion and Film
1. Introduction: Interpreting Religion and Film
M. Gail Hamner
Part I. Film Study
2. Akira Kurosawa: “What Is a Thing?”; Posing the Religious in Dersu Uzala (1975)
M. Gail Hamner
3. Abbas Kiarostami: The Face of Modernity; Alienation

Aslan, Ednan - Religion and Violence, e-bok

Religion and Violence

Aslan, Ednan


Violence and Religion: A Complex Relationship
Wolfgang Palaver
5. The Integration of Muslims and the Charlie Hebdo Attacks
Claude Dargent
6. Eastern Orthodox Perspectives on Violence
Emil Bjørn Hilton Saggau
Part I. Religion and Violence

Carey, Hilary M. - Empires of Religion, e-bok

Empires of Religion

Carey, Hilary M.


Archbishop Vaughan and the Empires of Religion in Colonial New South Wales
Peter Cunich
8. ‘Brighter Britain’: Images of Empire in the International Child Rescue Movement, 1850–1915
Shurlee Swain
9. Saving the ‘Empty North’: Religion

Porterfield, Amanda - American Religious History, e-bok

American Religious History

Porterfield, Amanda


In this outstanding historical reader, the editor has gathered nine essays and over thirty primary documents to present a coherent picture of the history of American religion.

Dimmock, Matthew - The Religions of the Book, e-bok

The Religions of the Book

Dimmock, Matthew


Confounding Babel: The Language of Religion in the English Revolution
Matthew Birchwood
8. ‘A parallel made with the Jewish Sanhedrin’: Tolerating Jews and Jewish Precedents in the Early Modern Church and State
Eliane Glaser
9. Milton among the