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Willson, Thomas E. - Ancient and Modern Physics, e-bok

Ancient and Modern Physics

Willson, Thomas E.


A fascinating look at the history of physics from ancient times to the beginning of the modern age. (Note: ‘Modern’ in this context is the beginning of the 20th century.)

Wells, James D. - Effective Theories in Physics, e-bok

Effective Theories in Physics

Wells, James D.


Table of contents
1. The Utility of Effective Theories
James D. Wells
2. Harmonic Oscillator as an Effective Theory
James D. Wells
3. Effective Theories of Classical Gravity
James D. Wells
4. Effective Theories and Elementary…

Rogers, Karl - On the Metaphysics of Experimental Physics, e-bok

On the Metaphysics of Experimental Physics

Rogers, Karl


Table of contents
1. Entering the Cave of the Shadow Puppeteers
Karl Rogers
2. The Spirit of the Enterprise
Karl Rogers
3. The Mathematical Projection of the Six Simple Machines
Karl Rogers
4. The “Making” of the Ground-Plan…

Reed, B. Cameron - The Physics of the Manhattan Project, e-bok

The Physics of the Manhattan Project

Reed, B. Cameron


Table of contents
1. Energy Release in Nuclear Reactions, Neutrons, Fission, and Characteristics of Fission
B. Cameron Reed
2. Critical Mass and Efficiency
B. Cameron Reed
3. Producing Fissile Material
B. Cameron Reed
4. Complicating…

Greenberger, Daniel - Compendium of Quantum Physics, e-bok

Compendium of Quantum Physics

Greenberger, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Aharonov—Bohm Effect
Holger Lyre
2. Aharonov-Casher Effect
Daniel Rohrlich
3. Algebraic Quantum Mechanics
Nicolaas P. Landsman
4. Angular Momentum
5. Anyons
Jon Magne Leinaas
6. Aspect Experiment

Deken, Jean Marie - Panofsky on Physics, Politics, and Peace, e-bok

Panofsky on Physics, Politics, and Peace

Deken, Jean Marie


Table of contents
1. School Time in Germany
2. Transition to the United States and Undergraduate Life at Princeton University
3. Graduate Study and War Work at Caltech
4. Work at the University of California Radiation Laboratory
5. Military Work at Berkeley and the Loyalty Oath
6. Beginnings at Stanford