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Mortimore, Sara - HACCP, e-bok


Mortimore, Sara


An Introduction to HACCP and Its Role in Food Safety Control
Sara Mortimore, Carol Wallace
2. Preparation and Planning to Achieve Effective Food Safety Management
Sara Mortimore, Carol Wallace
3. Hazards, Their Significance, and Control
Sara Mortimore,

Mortimore, Sara E. - HACCP: A Food Industry Briefing, e-bok

HACCP: A Food Industry Briefing

Mortimore, Sara E.


Readers of this accessible book – now in a revised and updated new edition – are taken on a conceptual journey which passes every milestone and important feature of the HACCP landscape at a pace which is comfortable and productive. The information and ideas contained in the book will

Mortimore, Sara E. - HACCP, e-bok


Mortimore, Sara E.


The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is a preventative food safety management system, that can be applied throughout the food supply chain from primary production to the consumer. HACCP is internationally recognised as the most

Forsythe, Stephen J. - The Microbiology of Safe Food, e-bok

The Microbiology of Safe Food

Forsythe, Stephen J.

Från 85,80€

The comprehensive contents include: the dominant foodborne microorganisms; the means of their detection; microbiological criteria and sampling plans; the setting of microbial limits for end-product testing; predictive microbiology; the role of HACCP; the setting of

Afoakwa, Emmanuel Ohene - Chocolate Science and Technology, e-bok

Chocolate Science and Technology

Afoakwa, Emmanuel Ohene


The nutritional and health benefits of cocoa and chocolate consumption as well as the application of HACCP and other food safety management systems such as ISO 22,000 in the chocolate processing industry are also addressed. Additionally, detailed research on the influence

Flick, George J. - The Seafood Industry: Species, Products, Processing, and Safety, e-bok

The Seafood Industry: Species, Products, Processing, and Safety

Flick, George J.

Från 217,15€

Examples include: high pressure processing; inclusion of additional major crustacean species of commerce; fishery centers and development programs; handling methods on fishing vessels; and new chapters on Toxins, Allergies, and Sensitivities; Composition and Quality; and Risk Management and HACCP;