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Pitilakis, Kyriazis D. - Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, e-bok

Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering

Pitilakis, Kyriazis D.


A Review of Large-Scale Testing Facilities in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Ahmed Elgamal, Kyriazis Pitilakis, Raptakis Dimitrios, Jacques Garnier, SP. Gopal Madabhushi, Artur Pinto, Jamieson Steidl, Harry E. Stewart, Kenneth H. Stokoe, Fabio Taucer, Kohji

Towhata, Ikuo - Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, e-bok

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Towhata, Ikuo


Table of contents
1. Basic Principles in Soil Mechanics
Ikuo Towhata
2. Introduction
Ikuo Towhata
3. Seismological Knowledge
Ikuo Towhata
4. Wave Propagation in Elastic Medium
Ikuo Towhata
5. Earthquake Effects

Xiao, Ming - Geotechnical Engineering Design, e-bok

Geotechnical Engineering Design

Xiao, Ming


An accessible, clear, concise, and contemporary course in geotechnical engineering design. covers the major in geotechnical engineering packed with self-test problems and projects

Lommler, John C. - Geotechnical Problem Solving, e-bok

Geotechnical Problem Solving

Lommler, John C.


Devised with a focus on problem solving, Geotechnical Problem Solving bridges the gap between geotechnical and soil mechanics material covered in university Civil Engineering courses and the advanced topics

Wesley, Laurence D. - Geotechnical Engineering in Residual Soils, e-bok

Geotechnical Engineering in Residual Soils

Wesley, Laurence D.


Wiley has long held a pre-eminent position as a publisher of books on geotechnical engineering, with a particular strength in soil behavior and soil mechanics, at both the academic and professional level. This reference will be the first book focused