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Archibald, Matthew E. - The Evolution of Self-Help, e-bok

The Evolution of Self-Help

Archibald, Matthew E.


Defining Self-Help: How Does a Movement Become an Institution?
Matthew E. Archibald
3. From Small Beginnings: Growth and Diversification
Matthew E. Archibald
4. Legitimation: The Paradox of Public Recognition of

Ballard, Karen - Understanding Menopause, e-bok

Understanding Menopause

Ballard, Karen


Understanding Menopause will help you to make these decisions by providing clear, unbiased information about all aspects of menopause, as well as first-person accounts by women of their psychological and sociological menopausal experiences.
Written by an

Mumford, Jeni - Life Coaching For Dummies, e-bok

Life Coaching For Dummies

Mumford, Jeni


Whether readers want to self-coach or work with a professional, this savvy resource provides essential tips on getting priorities straight, being more productive, and achieving goals.
Jeni Mumford (London, UK) is a qualified personal life coach and an accredited