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French, Mike - Underground Rivers, e-bok

Underground Rivers

French, Mike


The Luton Writers’ Group was born out of a question: Are there still writers out there or has Luton become a literary desert? Before the group started, a workshop was run last year at Luton library about getting published. One person turned up... A…

Finch, Alison - French Literature: A Cultural History, e-bok

French Literature: A Cultural History

Finch, Alison


This book is the first to offer a cultural history of French literature from its very beginnings, analysing the relationship between French literature and France’s evolving power structures from the Middle Ages through to the present day. It shows

Evans, Jocelyn - The 2017 French Presidential Elections, e-bok

The 2017 French Presidential Elections

Evans, Jocelyn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jocelyn Evans, Gilles Ivaldi
2. The 2017 Presidential Election: Continuity and Change
Jocelyn Evans, Gilles Ivaldi
3. The Presidential Primaries and Polarization of Mainstream Party Politics

Hannam, Nicolette - French Festivals and Traditions KS3, e-bok

French Festivals and Traditions KS3

Hannam, Nicolette


This invaluable, time-saving resource provides intercultural ideas for every month of the year. For each festival and tradition you will find background information, key vocabulary, detailed lists of possible teaching activities and optional pupil sheets.…

Powrie, Phil - Music in Contemporary French Cinema, e-bok

Music in Contemporary French Cinema

Powrie, Phil


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Phil Powrie
2. Space
Phil Powrie
3. Gender
Phil Powrie
4. Performance
Phil Powrie
5. Time
Phil Powrie
6. Hearing
Phil Powrie
7. Seeing
Phil Powrie
8. Conclusion

Insua, David Rios - e-Democracy, e-bok


Insua, David Rios


Web-Based Decision Support: Creating a Culture of Applying Multi-criteria Decision Analysis and Web-Supported Participation in Environmental Decision Making
Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Jyri Mustajoki, Mika Marttunen
13. A Generic System for Remote e-Voting Management

Chafer, Tony - The End of the French Exception?, e-bok

The End of the French Exception?

Chafer, Tony


The French Exception: Rise and Fall of a Saint-Simonian Discourse
2. The French Exception: Rise and Fall of a Saint-Simonian Discourse
Sue Collard
Section I. The French State
3. Reviving the French