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Perez-Rodriguez, Fernando - Predictive Microbiology in Foods, e-bok

Predictive Microbiology in Foods

Perez-Rodriguez, Fernando


Table of contents
1. Predictive Microbiology in Foods
Fernando Pérez-Rodríguez, Antonio Valero
2. Experimental Design and Data Generation
Fernando Pérez-Rodríguez, Antonio Valero
3. Predictive Models: Foundation, Types, and Development
Fernando Pérez-Rodríguez, Antonio Valero
4. Other Models

Riviere, Jim E. - Chemical Food Safety: A Scientist's Perspective, e-bok

Chemical Food Safety: A Scientist's Perspective

Riviere, Jim E.


Chemical Food Safety: A Scientist's Perspective introduces readers to the science of risk assessment as applied to food safety and offers relevant, current information on research and statistics, chemicals, biotechnology issues, and emerging diseases

Belton, Peter - The Chemical Physics of Food, e-bok

The Chemical Physics of Food

Belton, Peter


This important book covers the main types of materials that food scientists have to deal with. Special attention is given to starch and gluten as being of particular importance in food science and not typical of

Whitehurst, Robert J. - Emulsifiers in Food Technology, e-bok

Emulsifiers in Food Technology

Whitehurst, Robert J.


Emulsifiers are essential components of many industrial food recipes, whether they be added for the purpose of water/oil emulsification in its simplest form, for textural and organoleptic modification, for shelf life enhancement, or as complexing or stabilising agents for other components