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Freyland, Werner - Coulombic Fluids, e-bok

Coulombic Fluids

Freyland, Werner


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Werner Freyland
2. Liquid Metals, Molten Salts, and Ionic Liquids: Some Basic Properties
Werner Freyland
3. Bulk Peculiarities: Metal–Nonmetal Transitions
Werner Freyland
4. Interfacial Phase…

Krishnan, J. Murali - Rheology of Complex Fluids, e-bok

Rheology of Complex Fluids

Krishnan, J. Murali


Oscillatory Shear Rheology for Probing Nonlinear Viscoelasticity of Complex Fluids: Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear
Abhijit P. Deshpande
5. PIV Techniques in Experimental Measurement of Two Phase (Gas-Liquid) Systems
Basheer Ashraf Ali, Subramaniam Pushpavanam

Jou, David - Thermodynamics of Fluids Under Flow, e-bok

Thermodynamics of Fluids Under Flow

Jou, David


Non-ideal Fluids and Nuclear Collisions
David Jou, José Casas-Vázquez, Manuel Criado-Sancho
5. Polymeric Solutions and Blends
David Jou, José Casas-Vázquez, Manuel Criado-Sancho
6. Non-equilibrium Chemical Potential and Shear-Induced Effects in

Magande, Hugh - Introduction to Thermo-Fluids Systems Design, e-bok

Introduction to Thermo-Fluids Systems Design

Magande, Hugh


A fully comprehensive guide to thermal systems design covering fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer and thermodynamic power cycles
Bridging the gap between the fundamental concepts of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics, and the practical design of thermo-fluids

Barenghi, Carlo - A Primer on Quantum Fluids, e-bok

A Primer on Quantum Fluids

Barenghi, Carlo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carlo F. Barenghi, Nick G. Parker
2. Classical and Quantum Ideal Gases
Carlo F. Barenghi, Nick G. Parker
3. Gross-Pitaevskii Model of the Condensate
Carlo F. Barenghi, Nick G. Parker
4. Waves…

Zeytounian, R. Kh. - Convection in Fluids, e-bok

Convection in Fluids

Zeytounian, R. Kh.


Table of contents
1. Short Preliminary Comments and Summary of Chapters 2 to 10
2. The Navier—Stokes—Fourier System of Equations and Conditions
3. The Simple Rayleigh (1916) Thermal Convection Problem
4. The Bénard (1900, 1901) Convection…

Bramati, Alberto - Physics of Quantum Fluids, e-bok

Physics of Quantum Fluids

Bramati, Alberto


Quantum Fluids of Exciton-Polaritons and Ultracold Atoms
Michiel Wouters
2. Universality in Modelling Non-equilibrium Pattern Formation in Polariton Condensates
N. G. Berloff, J. Keeling
3. Bosonic Spin Transport
Alexey Kavokin
4. Mean-Field

Thongboonkerd, Visith - Proteomics of Human Body Fluids, e-bok

Proteomics of Human Body Fluids

Thongboonkerd, Visith


Sample Preparation of Body Fluids for Proteomics Analysis
Natalia Govorukhina, Rainer Bischoff
3. Multiplexed Immunoassays for Protein Profiling in Human Body Fluids
Silke Wittemann, Dominic P. Eisinger, Laurie L. Stephen, Thomas O. Joos
4. Deciphering