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Annunziata, Marco - The Economics of the Financial Crisis, e-bok

The Economics of the Financial Crisis

Annunziata, Marco


Table of contents
Part I. A Brief History of Portentous Times
1. Introduction
Marco Annunziata
2. How Did We Get There?
Marco Annunziata
3. The Earthquake
Marco Annunziata
Part II. Globalization: Hopes, Fears, and Shifting…

Dorsman, André - Energy Economics and Financial Markets, e-bok

Energy Economics and Financial Markets

Dorsman, André


Introduction: Energy Economics and Financial Markets
John L. Simpson, Wim Westerman, André Dorsman
2. Energy Security in Asia: The Case of Natural Gas
Helen Cabalu, Cristina Alfonso
3. Buyer Credit Pricing for

Arestis, Philip - The Financial Crisis, e-bok

The Financial Crisis

Arestis, Philip


Income Distribution and Borrowing: Growth and Financial Balances in the US Economy
Gennaro Zezza
6. Re-structuring the Financial Sector to Reduce its Burden on the Economy
Malcolm Sawyer
7. Regulate Financial

Brahm, Laurence J. - Fusion Economics, e-bok

Fusion Economics

Brahm, Laurence J.


Fusion Economics: Burying Ideology, Dumping Theory, and Adopting Pragmatism
2. Reengineering China: Ending Ideology and Getting Pragmatic
Laurence J. Brahm
3. Voodoo Economics: Oust Outside Theory and Adopt Local Solutions

Godley, Wynne - Monetary Economics, e-bok

Monetary Economics

Godley, Wynne


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
2. Balance Sheets, Transaction Matrices and the Monetary Circuit
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
3. The Simplest Model with Government Money
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie

Murray, Janice - Economics for the Curious, e-bok

Economics for the Curious

Murray, Janice


Rethinking Economics: A Classical Perspective
Vernon L. Smith
4. Employment and Unemployment
Peter A. Diamond
5. Unemployment During and After the Great Recession
Dale T. Mortensen
6. Long-Term Trends and Structural Changes in the Global Economy