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Buszek, Maria Elena - A Companion to Feminist Art, e-bok

A Companion to Feminist Art

Buszek, Maria Elena


Employing a different approach, A Companion to Feminist Art defines ‘art’ as a dynamic set of material and theoretical practices in the realm of culture, and ‘feminism’ as an equally dynamic set of activist and theoretical practices in the realm of politics.

Evans, Mary - Introducing Contemporary Feminist Thought, e-bok

Introducing Contemporary Feminist Thought

Evans, Mary

Från 23,75€

This introductory textbook offers a concise and lucid account of the main developments in contemporary feminist thinking, and demonstrates the centrality of feminist thought to all areas of intellectual enquiry.
In a wide-ranging discussion, Evans

Todd, Janet - Feminist Literary History, e-bok

Feminist Literary History

Todd, Janet


In this timely book Janet Todd offers an analysis and defence of the feminist literary history practised by Elaine Showalter and other contemporary American literary critics. She argues that this approach rightly links the political concerns of feminist

Kantola, Johanna - Feminists Theorize the State, e-bok

Feminists Theorize the State

Kantola, Johanna


Comparisons of Feminist Discourses about the State
Johanna Kantola
6. Gender, State and New Institutions
Johanna Kantola
7. New Directions for Feminist State Theory
Johanna Kantola

Hawkesworth, Mary - Gender and Political Theory: Feminist Reckonings, e-bok

Gender and Political Theory: Feminist Reckonings

Hawkesworth, Mary


Western political theory typically incorporates certain assumptions about sex and gender as natural, unvarying and “pre-political.”  This book critically examines these assumptions and shows how recent scholarship undermines the illusion that bodies exist outside politics and beyond

Dolezal, Luna - New Feminist Perspectives on Embodiment, e-bok

New Feminist Perspectives on Embodiment

Dolezal, Luna


Contested Terrains: New Feminist Perspectives on Embodiment
Clara Fischer, Luna Dolezal
Part I. Normative Bodies, Ethics, and Vulnerability
2. A Genealogy of Women’s (Un)Ethical Bodies
Gail Weiss
3. The Normal Body: Female Bodies in Changing Contexts