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Lewin, Ellen - Feminist Anthropology: A Reader, e-bok

Feminist Anthropology: A Reader

Lewin, Ellen


Feminist Anthropology surveys the history of feminist anthropology and offers students and scholars a fascinating collection of both classic and contemporary articles, grouped

Moore, Henrietta L. - Feminism and Anthropology, e-bok

Feminism and Anthropology

Moore, Henrietta L.


This is the first book which examines the nature and significance of a feminist critique in anthropology. It offers a clear introduction to, and balanced assessment of, the theoretical and practical issues raised by the development of a feminist anthropology.
Henrietta Moore situates

Lockwood, Kelly - Feminist Narrative Research, e-bok

Feminist Narrative Research

Lockwood, Kelly


Introduction: Doing Feminist Narrative Research
Jo Woodiwiss, Kate Smith, Kelly Lockwood
Part I. Why Feminist Narrative Research?
2. Challenges for Feminist Research: Contested Stories,

Hernando, Almudena - The Fantasy of Individuality, e-bok

The Fantasy of Individuality

Hernando, Almudena


Table of contents
1. General Approach
Almudena Hernando
2. Sex and Gender
Almudena Hernando
3. The Origin
Almudena Hernando
4. Relational Identity (or Identity When One Has No Power over the World)
Almudena Hernando

Annandale, Ellen - Health, Culture and Society, e-bok

Health, Culture and Society

Annandale, Ellen


Table of contents
1. Why Conceptual Legacies and Contemporary Applications?
Elizabeth Ettorre, Ellen Annandale, Vanessa M. Hildebrand, Ana Porroche-Escudero
2. Society, Differentiation and Globalisation
Ellen Annandale
3. Self, Normativity…

Misir, Prem - The Subaltern Indian Woman, e-bok

The Subaltern Indian Woman

Misir, Prem


Fallen Through the Nationalist and Feminist Grids of Analysis: Political Campaigning of Indian Women Against Indentured Labour Emigration
Shobna Nijhawan
9. Constructing Visibility: Indian Women in the Jamaican Segment of the Indian Diaspora
Verene A.