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Weatherill, Stephen - European Sports Law, e-bok

European Sports Law

Weatherill, Stephen


Sports Under EC Competition Law and US Antitrust Law
Stephen Weatherill
7. The Helsinki Report on Sport
Stephen Weatherill
8. Resisting the Pressures of ‘Americanization’: The Influence of European Community

Dornacher, Corinna - International and European Monetary Law, e-bok

International and European Monetary Law

Dornacher, Corinna


Table of contents
1. Interdisciplinary Introduction to Money and Currencies
Christoph Herrmann, Corinna Dornacher
2. Monetary Sovereignty and History of International Monetary Law
Christoph Herrmann, Corinna Dornacher
3. Fundamental Legal Problems of International Monetary Relations
Christoph Herrmann,

Council, of Economic Experts German - Dual Income Tax, e-bok

Dual Income Tax

Council, of Economic Experts German


Table of contents
1. Dual Income Tax: Supporting Arguments and Design – An Overview
2. Taxing Corporations and Their Shareholders
3. Taxing Transparent Entities
4. Individual Aspects of Dual Income Tax