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Kim, Young J. - Atmospheric and Biological Environmental Monitoring, e-bok

Atmospheric and Biological Environmental Monitoring

Kim, Young J.


Atmospheric Aerosol Monitoring from Satellite Observations: A History of Three Decades
Kwon H. Lee, Zhanqing Li, Young J. Kim, Alexander Kokhanovsky
3. Digital Photographic Technique to Quantify Plume Opacity During Daytime and Nighttime
Ke Du, Mark J.

 - Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering, e-bok

Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering


Semantically driven meta-modelling: automating model construction in an environmental decision support system for the assessment of ecosystem services flows
Ferdinando Villa
4. Governance of a Service-Oriented Architecture for Environmental

Awange, Joseph L. - Environmental Geoinformatics, e-bok

Environmental Geoinformatics

Awange, Joseph L.


Applications to Environmental Monitoring and Management
19. Maps in Environmental Monitoring
Joseph L. Awange, John B. Kyalo Kiema
20. Satellite Environmental Sensing

Orcutt, John - Earth System Monitoring, e-bok

Earth System Monitoring

Orcutt, John


Earth System Monitoring, Introduction
John Orcutt
2. Airborne and Space-borne Remote Sensing of Cryosphere
Kenneth C. Jezek
3. Aircraft and Space Atmospheric Measurements Using Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL)
Russell Young
4. Contemporary

Kim, Young J. - Advanced Environmental Monitoring, e-bok

Advanced Environmental Monitoring

Kim, Young J.


Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring
1. Air Pollution Monitoring Systems—Past–Present–Future
Ulrich Platt
2. Radial Plume Mapping: A US EPA Test Method for Area and Fugitive Source Emission Monitoring

Imura, Hidefumi - Environmental Issues in China Today, e-bok

Environmental Issues in China Today

Imura, Hidefumi


Table of contents
1. Environmental Problems: Borderless
Hidefumi Imura
2. Environmental Issues in China: An Overview from Japan
Hidefumi Imura
3. Resource Consumption: Economy with Sound Material Cycles Needed
Hidefumi Imura
4. Water: The Key to China’s Destiny
Hidefumi Imura
5. Air Pollution:

Funk, Burkhardt - Information Technology in Environmental Engineering, e-bok

Information Technology in Environmental Engineering

Funk, Burkhardt


Influence of Environmental Protection Requirements on Object-Oriented Software Design
Marat Abilov, Jorge Marx Gómez
2. Impact of Design on the Sustainability of Mobile Applications
Hans-Knud Arndt, Bartosz Dziubaczyk, Matthias Mokosch
3. Investigating