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Huber, Bruce R. - Environmental Law and Economics, e-bok

Environmental Law and Economics

Huber, Bruce R.


Sustainable Development, Economic Growth and Environmental Regulation
Klaus Mathis
2. Temporal Spillovers
Bruce R. Huber
3. Environmental Law and Economics in Europe
Sebastian Heselhaus
4. Defending Environmental

Nakanishi, Yumiko - Contemporary Issues in Environmental Law, e-bok

Contemporary Issues in Environmental Law

Nakanishi, Yumiko


Introduction: The Impact of the International and European Union Environmental Law on Japanese Basic Environmental Law
Yumiko Nakanishi
2. The Scope of the EU’s Competences on the Field of the Environment

Schmidt, Michael - Implementing Environmental and Resource Management, e-bok

Implementing Environmental and Resource Management

Schmidt, Michael


Editorial - Environmental Challenges and Management of Natural Resources
Michael Schmidt, Vincent Onyango, Dmytro Palekhov
2. Comparative Analysis of Brazilian Residual Biomass for Pellet Production
Bruna Missagia, Maurício Ferreira Silva Corrêa, Islam

Ginzky, Harald - International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy 2016, e-bok

International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy 2016

Ginzky, Harald


International Soil Protection Law: History, Concepts and Latest Developments
Ben W. Boer, Harald Ginzky, Irene L. Heuser
8. Chances and Challenges in Using the Sustainable Development Goals as a New Instrument for Global Action Against Soil Degradation