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Choi, Haecheon - Computational Fluid Dynamics 2008, e-bok

Computational Fluid Dynamics 2008

Choi, Haecheon


Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Viscous Fluid Flows and Two-Phase Fluid Flows
Takaji Inamuro
2. Coping with Uncertainty in Turbulent Flow Simulations
Pierre Sagaut
3. Adaptive Finite Element Discretization of Flow Problems for Goal-Oriented Model Reduction

Kuzmin, Alexander - Computational Fluid Dynamics 2010, e-bok

Computational Fluid Dynamics 2010

Kuzmin, Alexander


A Conservative Coupling Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction in the Compressible Case
Laurent Monasse, Virginie Daru, Christian Mariotti, Serge Piperno
60. A Preconditioned Euler Flow Solver for Simulation of Helicopter Rotor Flow in Hover
Kazem Hejranfar,

Deconinck, Herman - Computational Fluid Dynamics 2006, e-bok

Computational Fluid Dynamics 2006

Deconinck, Herman


Computing Simulation of Hypersonic Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics Interaction
J.S. Shang*
117. Numerical Simulation of R-M instability at High Mach Numbers
Fu Dexun, Ma Yanwen, Liang Xian
118. Boundary conditions by low-order

Pozrikidis, Constantine - Fluid Dynamics, e-bok

Fluid Dynamics

Pozrikidis, Constantine


Table of contents
2. Introduction to Kinematics
Constantine Pozrikidis
3. More on Kinematics
Constantine Pozrikidis
4. Flow Computation based on Kinematics
Constantine Pozrikidis
5. Forces and Stresses
Constantine Pozrikidis

Zikanov, Oleg - Essential Computational Fluid Dynamics, e-bok

Essential Computational Fluid Dynamics

Zikanov, Oleg


Provides a clear, concise, and self-contained introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
This comprehensively updated new edition covers the fundamental concepts and main methods of modern Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). With expert guidance

Kushvah, B.S. - Applications of Fluid Dynamics, e-bok

Applications of Fluid Dynamics

Kushvah, B.S.


Radiation Effect on MHD Williamson Fluid Flow over Stretching Cylinder Through Porous Medium with Heat Source
Shalini Jain, Amit Parmar
Part II. Nano-Fluid
6. Particle Size and Spacing Effects on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer of a Nanofluid in Wavy Annulus

Zeytounian, R.Kh. - Challenges in Fluid Dynamics, e-bok

Challenges in Fluid Dynamics

Zeytounian, R.Kh.


The Fluid Dynamics Adventure, from Newton to Stokes via Cauchy, Euler, Navier, Poisson, and Fourier
R. Kh. Zeytounian
Part I. Classical Analytical-Asymptotics Newtonian NSF Fluid Dynamics
2. Formulation of Some NSF Unsteady

Xu, Jianzhong - Fluid Machinery and Fluid Mechanics, e-bok

Fluid Machinery and Fluid Mechanics

Xu, Jianzhong


Meso and Macro-Scales Fluid Flow Simulations with Lattice Boltzmann Method
A. A. Mohamad
6. Engineering Flow Performance by Local Dynamics: Theories and Applications
Jiezhi Wu, Feng Mao, Weidong Su, Hong Wu, Qiushi

Shivamoggi, Bhimsen K. - Theoretical Fluid Dynamics, e-bok

Theoretical Fluid Dynamics

Shivamoggi, Bhimsen K.


"Although there are many texts and monographs on fluid dynamics, I do not know of any which is as comprehensive as the present book. It surveys nearly the entire field of classical fluid dynamics