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Sherman, Aliza - Social Media Engagement For Dummies, e-bok

Social Media Engagement For Dummies

Sherman, Aliza


Put "engage" front and center in your social media marketing engagement strategies!
When you focus on the engagement side of a social media marketing strategy, you'll build and grow relationships with followers and customers, craft content just for them, analyze how they're responding,

Kelleher, Bob - Employee Engagement For Dummies, e-bok

Employee Engagement For Dummies

Kelleher, Bob


The easy way to boost employee engagement
Today more than ever, companies and leaders need a road map to help them boost employee engagement levels. Employee Engagement For Dummies helps employers implement the necessary plans to create and sustain

Buckingham, Ian P. - Brand Engagement, e-bok

Brand Engagement

Buckingham, Ian P.


Brand Engagement, Everyman and the Death of the Hero Leader
Ian P. Buckingham
3. Deconstructing Brand (“but we don’t even brand animals any more”)
Ian P. Buckingham
4. Through the Looking Glass
Ian P. Buckingham
5. Culture as a Weapon