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Rowe, Brian - Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine, e-bok

Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine

Rowe, Brian


Emergency physicians assess and manage a wide variety of problems from patients presenting with a diversity of severities, ranging from mild to severe and life-threatening. They are expected to maintain their competency and expertise in areas where there is rapid knowledge change.

Rogers, Robert L. - Practical Teaching in Emergency Medicine, e-bok

Practical Teaching in Emergency Medicine

Rogers, Robert L.


Emergency medicine attendings who wish to hone their teaching skills can find a number of books on educational strategies written by physicians from other disciplines. However, until the publication of the first edition of this book, they did not have

Jr., Charles R. Thomas, - Oncologic Emergency Medicine, e-bok

Oncologic Emergency Medicine

Jr., Charles R. Thomas,


Ethics of Emergency Department Cancer Care
Kenneth V. Iserson
4. Patient Navigation
Timethia Bonner, Ledric D. Sherman, Thelma C. Hurd, Lovell Allan Jones
5. The Interface of Emergency Department, Oncology, and

Ganti, Latha - Atlas of Emergency Medicine Procedures, e-bok

Atlas of Emergency Medicine Procedures

Ganti, Latha


Table of contents
Part I. Vascular Procedures
1. Arterial Cannulation (Radial and Femoral)
Jeffrey Kile, Katrina John, Amish Aghera
2. Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Intravenous Access
Coben Thorn, L. Connor Nickels
3. Central Venous Line Placement: Internal Jugular Vein, Subclavian Vein, and Femoral Vein

Bellou, Abdelouahab - Geriatric Emergency Medicine, e-bok

Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Bellou, Abdelouahab


Nonspecific Disease Presentation: The Emergency Department Perspective
Alexandra Malinovska, Christian Nickel, Roland Bingisser
9. Falls Presenting in the Emergency Department
Jay Banerjee, Anna Björg Jónsdóttir
10. Syncope in Older People in the

Allen, Brandon - Quick Hits in Emergency Medicine, e-bok

Quick Hits in Emergency Medicine

Allen, Brandon


Table of contents
Brandon Allen, Latha Ganti, Bobby Desai
2. Intubation, Airway, and Mechanical Ventilation
Brandon Allen, Latha Ganti, Bobby Desai
3. Sepsis and Resuscitation
Brandon Allen, Latha Ganti, Bobby Desai