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Dye, Frank J. - Dictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology, e-bok

Dictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology

Dye, Frank J.


Topics covered range from germ layers, induction, and fundamental terminology, through to RNAi, evo-devo, and stem cell differentiation, hallmarks of modern developmental biology and embryology. Also included in the new edition are major discoveries and significant

Fitzpatrick, E. S. - Veterinary Embryology, e-bok

Veterinary Embryology

Fitzpatrick, E. S.


Veterinary Embryology, 2nd Edition, has been updated to reflect the many changes that have developed in the field; the text has been fully revised and expanded and is now in full colour and many pedagogical features and a companion website have been developed. A new edition of this highly

Webster, Samuel - Embryology at a Glance, e-bok

Embryology at a Glance

Webster, Samuel


com/embryology featuring 15 brand new animations, and podcasts to help clearly explain the processes that occur during development. An additional instructor resource contains an image bank of all the figures from the book to aid teaching this fascinating area

Cahalan, S. - Veterinary Embryology, e-bok

Veterinary Embryology

Cahalan, S.

Från 93,45€

The authors have extensive experience in the teaching of veterinary embryology and cognate subjects. Illustrations, hand-drawn by a veterinary graduate, are used extensively to explain organogenesis and system development. An explanatory glossary provides concise information

Webster, Samuel - Embryology at a Glance, e-bok

Embryology at a Glance

Webster, Samuel


This brand new title provides a highly illustrated introduction to key embryological concepts, with concise, memorable descriptions of major embryological developments.
Embryology at a Glance introduces the basic principles of human development, from…

Lersten, Nels R. - Flowering Plant Embryology, e-bok

Flowering Plant Embryology

Lersten, Nels R.


Nels Lersten presents the study of the structures and processes involved in the reproduction of plants in his text Flowering Plant Embryology. This richly illustrated reference text, with more than 350 figures and illustrations, presents general angiosperm embryology

Reichrath, Jörg - Notch Signaling in Embryology and Cancer, e-bok

Notch Signaling in Embryology and Cancer

Reichrath, Jörg


Table of contents
1. The Molecular Basis of Notch Signaling: A Brief Overview
Sang-Mo Kwon, Cantas Alev, Sang-Hun Lee, Takayuki Asahara
2. The Role of Adams in Notch Signaling
Arjan J. Groot, Marc A. Vooijs
3. Metabolism and Transportation…

Bovolenta, Paola - Organogenetic Gene Networks, e-bok

Organogenetic Gene Networks

Bovolenta, Paola


Table of contents
1. Models for Studying Organogenetic Gene Networks in the 21st Century
James Castelli-Gair Hombría, Paola Bovolenta
2. Organogenesis of the C. elegans Vulva and Control of Cell Fusion
Nathan Weinstein, Benjamin Podbilewicz