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Dean, Paul - Globalization: The Essentials, e-bok

Globalization: The Essentials

Dean, Paul


A concise exploration of globalization and its role in the contemporary era 
Driven by technological advancements and global corporations, more and more people are swept up by globalizing processes, creating new winners and losers. Globalization:

Green, Jeremy - Is Globalization Over?, e-bok

Is Globalization Over?

Green, Jeremy


Will history repeat itself? Do we face the chaotic breakdown of the global economic system in the face of stagnation, protectionism and political tumult?

Jeremy Green argues that, although we face grave problems, globalization is not about to end. Setting

Christensen, Bent Jesper - Globalization, e-bok


Christensen, Bent Jesper


Introduction to Globalization: Strategies and Effects
Bent Jesper Christensen, Carsten Kowalczyk
Part I. Search, Matching, and Globalization
2. Product and Labor Market Entry Costs, Underemployment and International Trade
Spiros Bougheas, Raymond Riezman

Panić, M. - Globalization, e-bok


Panić, M.


Table of contents
Part I. The Corporate Quest for Global Freedom and Dominance
1. Globalization in the Age of Transnationals: The Claims and the Reality
M. Panić
Part II. Nature of the Collective Action and Social Wellbeing
2. Organization of Economic Activity at Different Levels of Development
M. Panić

Bhagwati, Jagdish - In Defense of Globalization, e-bok

In Defense of Globalization

Bhagwati, Jagdish


The riot-torn meeting of the World Trade Organization in Seattle in 1999 was only the most dramatic sign of the intensely passionate debate now raging over globalization, which critics blame for everything from child labor to environmental degradation, cultural homogenization, and a host

Axford, Barrie - Theories of Globalization, e-bok

Theories of Globalization

Axford, Barrie


Theories of Globalization offers students and scholars a comprehensive and critical introduction to the concept of globalization. Barrie Axford expertly guides readers through the full range of perspectives on the topic, from international political

Elson, Anthony - Globalization and Development, e-bok

Globalization and Development

Elson, Anthony


Introduction—Globalization and Economic Divergence
Anthony Elson
2. The Economic Development of East Asia and Latin America in Comparative Perspective
Anthony Elson
3. Changing Paradigms in Development Economics
Anthony Elson
4. Initial Conditions