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Gamba, Elvio Accinelli - Trends in Mathematical Economics, e-bok

Trends in Mathematical Economics

Gamba, Elvio Accinelli


Table of contents
1. Breaking the Circular Flow: A Dynamic Programming Approach to Schumpeter
Martin Shubik, William D. Sudderth
2. A Review in Campaigns: Going Positive and Negative
Grisel Ayllón Aragón
3. On Lattice and DA
David Cantala
4. Externalities, Optimal Subsidy and Growth

White, Mark D. - Law and Social Economics, e-bok

Law and Social Economics

White, Mark D.


Environmental Ethics, Economics, and Property Law
Steven McMullen, Daniel Molling
3. Individual Rights, Economic Transactions, and Recognition: A Legal Approach to Social Economics
Stefano Solari
4. Institutionalist

Ward, Benjamin - Dionysian Economics, e-bok

Dionysian Economics

Ward, Benjamin


Economic Theory as Physics
1. Introduction
Benjamin Ward
2. Physics and Economics—A Theory Comparo
Benjamin Ward
3. Physics and

Arestis, Philip - New Economics as Mainstream Economics, e-bok

New Economics as Mainstream Economics

Arestis, Philip


Towards a ‘New Economics’: Values, Resources, Money, Markets, Growth and Policy
Terry Barker
3. On the Possible Replacement of the Efficient-Market Hypothesis: Social Efficiency as a ‘Thick’ Approach to Financial Policy
Gary A. Dymski
4. From

Chiodi, Guglielmo - Sraffa or An Alternative Economics, e-bok

Sraffa or An Alternative Economics

Chiodi, Guglielmo


The Classical ‘Surplus’ Approach and the Theory of the Welfare State and Public Pensions
Sergio Cesaratto
6. Sraffa 1926 and Sraffa 1960: An Attempt to Bridge the Gap
Sergio Nisticò
7. Savings, Investment and Capital in a System of General Intertemporal