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Varma, Ved Prakash - The Inner Life of Children with Special Needs, e-bok

The Inner Life of Children with Special Needs

Varma, Ved Prakash


Because many children with special needs are emotionally confused, anxious and angry, their inner lives often contain secrets that may be permanent and damaging. These children nevertheless put out clear signals that they want to be understood.

Mortimore, Tilly - Dyslexia and Learning Style: A Practitioner's Handbook, e-bok

Dyslexia and Learning Style: A Practitioner's Handbook

Mortimore, Tilly


The first section of this research based but practical book has been updated to examine the most recent research in two key areas: dyslexia and the dyslexic experience and the major cognitive and learning styles.  In the light of increased controversy around the use of learning

Doyle, James - Dyslexia: An Introduction Guide, e-bok

Dyslexia: An Introduction Guide

Doyle, James


This second edition has been fully revised, expanded and updated to incorporate latest research findings and modern practices, the Green Paper'Meeting Special Educational Needs', the DFES National Literacy Strategy, the new (2002) Code of Practice (Special

Heaton, Pat - Dyslexia: Students in Need, e-bok

Dyslexia: Students in Need

Heaton, Pat


Dyslexia: Students in Need offers a positive approach to students with dyslexia in further and higher education. Students with dyslexia gain degrees and professional qualifications, and successes of this kind often depend on appropriate educational and technological support and upon funding. 

Yeo, Dorian - Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Mathematics, e-bok

Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Mathematics

Yeo, Dorian


Although the book has grown out of teaching experience it is also informed by widely acknowledged contemporary and international research, which explores the cognitive aspects of learning mathematics and tries to understand why it is that some children fail to learn

Oglethorpe, Sheila - Instrumental Music for Dyslexics, e-bok

Instrumental Music for Dyslexics

Oglethorpe, Sheila


It describes dyslexia in layman's terms and explains how the various problems which a dyslexic may have can affect all aspects of learning to play a musical instrument. It alerts the music teacher with a problem pupil to the possibilities of that pupil's having some