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Bauman, Zygmunt - This is not a Diary, e-bok

This is not a Diary

Bauman, Zygmunt

Från 23,75€

This is not a diary: while these observations were recorded in autumn 2010 and spring 2011 in the form of dated entries, they are not a personal reflection but an attempt to capture signs of our times in their movement - possibly at birth, at a stage when they are still barely perceptible,

Bose, Bernice - Micky B's Diary, e-bok

Micky B's Diary

Bose, Bernice


This is Micky's own diary account - a dog's-eye view of the world outside the rescue centre. At the heart of Micky's story is his greatest friend, and sometimes partner in crime - Joey - another Bichon Frise. Loving, lovable, full of curiosity and fun, sometimes naughty

Biggs, Barton - Diary of a Hedgehog: Biggs' Final Words on the Markets, e-bok

Diary of a Hedgehog: Biggs' Final Words on the Markets

Biggs, Barton


Packed with keen insights, global experiences, and opinionated stances on investing, Diary of a Hedgehog:Biggs’ Final Words on the Markets explores the ongoing downward economic spiral and where it's headed, to help readers keep their money safe and secure.

Negri, Antonio - Diary of an Escape, e-bok

Diary of an Escape

Negri, Antonio


This book is Negri's diary in which he tells of his imprisonment, trial, the elections, and his escape to and exile in France. Both personal and political, it recounts a little known aspect of Negri's life and will be of great interest to anyone concerned with the

Goldstein, Jack - The Vampire Diaries - The Ultimate Quiz Book, e-bok

The Vampire Diaries - The Ultimate Quiz Book

Goldstein, Jack


This excellent quiz book contains 150 questions (and answers!) to test the knowledge of any Vampire Diaries fan. From questions even a casual viewer should know all the way through to trivia that would test Elena herself, this is a fantastic way to enjoy Mystic Falls even more. With sections