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Guérin, Isabelle - Under Development: Gender, e-bok

Under Development: Gender

Guérin, Isabelle


Introduction: Gender, a Necessary Tool of Analysis for Social Change
Isabelle Guérin, Hélène Guétat-Bernard, Christine Verschuur
Part I. Disciplines
2. A History of Development Through a Gender Prism: Feminist and

Murayama, Mayumi - Gender and Development, e-bok

Gender and Development

Murayama, Mayumi


Introduction: An Attempt to Integrate Gender and Development Issues of Japan and Developing Countries
Mayumi Murayama
Part I. Reviewing Japanese Experiences
2. Economic Development

Rose, Sonya O. - What is Gender History?, e-bok

What is Gender History?

Rose, Sonya O.


This book provides a short and accessible introduction to the field of gender history, one that has vastly expanded in scope and substance since the mid 1970s. Paying close attention to both classic texts in the field and the latest literature, the author examines the origins and development

Detraz, Nicole - Gender and the Environment, e-bok

Gender and the Environment

Detraz, Nicole


Despite these important links, to date very little consideration has been given to the role of gender in global environmental politics and policy-making. 
This timely and insightful book explains why gender matters

Bolger, Diane - A Companion to Gender Prehistory, e-bok

A Companion to Gender Prehistory

Bolger, Diane

Från 201,20€

An authoritative guide on gender prehistory for researchers, instructors and students in anthropology, archaeology, and gender studies

Provides the most up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of gender archaeology, with an exclusive focus on

Sprague, Courtenay - Gender and HIV in South Africa, e-bok

Gender and HIV in South Africa

Sprague, Courtenay


HIV, Gender and Health in Black South African Women
2. Health Outcomes and Social Factors Influencing Women’s HIV Acquisition in Social Context
Courtenay Sprague
3. HIV Care: Prevailing Trends, Barriers and Paradoxes
Courtenay Sprague
4. Conceptualising

Burn, Nalini - Financing for Gender Equality, e-bok

Financing for Gender Equality

Burn, Nalini


Financing for Gender Equality: Reframing and Prioritizing Public Expenditures to Promote Gender Equality
Stephanie Seguino
3. Financing for Gender Equality: How to Budget in Compliance with Human Rights Standards