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Levin, Simon A. - Games, Groups, and the Global Good, e-bok

Games, Groups, and the Global Good

Levin, Simon A.


Table of contents
2. Evolutionary Foundations of Cooperation and Group Cohesion
Steven A. Frank
3. How to Evolve Cooperation
Christine Taylor, Martin A. Nowak
4. Beyond Enlightened Self-Interest: Social Norms, Other-Regarding Preferences, and Cooperative Behavior
Samuel Bowles, Herbert Gintis
5. Evolution,

Parviainen, Jaana - Bodies moving and moved, e-bok

Bodies moving and moved

Parviainen, Jaana


In addition to Merleau-Ponty's theory of the body, the study draws on the work of David Michael Levin,, Michel Foucault, Pierre Bourdieu and Martin Heidegger.

Enzenauer, Robert W. - The Eye in Pediatric Systemic Disease, e-bok

The Eye in Pediatric Systemic Disease

Enzenauer, Robert W.


Levin, Guillermo Lay-Son
7. Ocular Manifestations of Craniofacial Disorders
Edward P. Buchanan, Emily R. Gallagher, Kara C. LaMattina, Veeral S. Shah, Amy S. Xue, Jane C. Edmond
8. Ocular Manifestations of Dermatologic Diseases
Jennifer L. Jung, Lance

Crowther, David - The Goals of Sustainable Development, e-bok

The Goals of Sustainable Development

Crowther, David


Table of contents
1. Responsibility and Governance in Achieving Sustainability
David Crowther, Shahla Seifi, Abdul Moyeen
Part I. Theorising the Relationship
2. ‘People, Planet, Profits’ and Perception Politics: A Necessary Fourth (and Fifth) Bottom Line? Critiquing the Current Triple Bottom Line in the Australian

Bar-Yam, Yaneer - Unifying Themes in Complex Systems, e-bok

Unifying Themes in Complex Systems

Bar-Yam, Yaneer


Pedagogical Sessions
David Meyer, George Cowan, Michel Baranger, Atlee Jackson, Ronnie Mainieri, Dan Braha, Ali Minai, Helen Harte, David Meyer, Yaneer Bar-Yam, Daniel Miller, Don Ingber
2. Reception Session
Yaneer Bar-Yam, Edward Lorenz
3. Emergence